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TypeError: Object doesn't support property or method {x} (Edge)
TypeError: "x" is not a function

Error type


What went wrong?

It attempted to call a value from a function, but the value is not actually a function. Some code expects you to provide a function, but that didn't happen.

Maybe there is a typo in the function name? Maybe the object you are calling the method on does not have this function? For example, JavaScript objects have no map function, but the JavaScript Array object does.

There are many built-in functions in need of a (callback) function. You will have to provide a function in order to have these methods working properly:


A typo in the function name

In this case, which happens way too often, there is a typo in the method name:

var x = document.getElementByID('foo');
// TypeError: document.getElementByID is not a function

The correct function name is getElementById:

var x = document.getElementById('foo');

Function called on the wrong object

For certain methods, you have to provide a (callback) function and it will work on specific objects only. In this example, Array.prototype.map() is used, which will work with Array objects only.

var obj = {a: 13, b: 37, c: 42};

obj.map(function(num) {
  return num * 2;

// TypeError: obj.map is not a function

Use an array instead:

var numbers = [1, 4, 9];

numbers.map(function(num) { 
  return num * 2; 

// Array [2, 8, 18]

Function shares a name with a pre-existing property

Sometimes when making a class, you may have a property and a function with the same name. Upon calling the function, the compiler thinks that the function ceases to exist.

var Dog = function () {
 this.age = 11;
 this.color = "black";
 this.name = "Ralph";
 return this;

Dog.prototype.name = function(name) {
 this.name = name;
 return this;

var myNewDog = new Dog();
myNewDog.name("Cassidy"); //Uncaught TypeError: myNewDog.name is not a function

Use a different property name instead:

var Dog = function () {
 this.age = 11;
 this.color = "black";
 this.dogName = "Ralph"; //Using this.dogName instead of .name
 return this;

Dog.prototype.name = function(name) {
 this.dogName = name;
 return this;

var myNewDog = new Dog();
myNewDog.name("Cassidy"); //Dog { age: 11, color: 'black', dogName: 'Cassidy' }

Using brackets for multiplication

In math, you can write 2 x (3 + 5) as 2*(3 + 5) or just 2(3 + 5). Using the latter will throw an error:

var sixteen = 2(3 + 5);
alert('2 x (3 + 5) is ' + String(sixteen));
//Uncaught TypeError: 2 is not a function

You can correct the code by adding a * operator:

var sixteen = 2 * (3 + 5);
alert('2 x (3 + 5) is ' + String(sixteen));
//2 x (3 + 5) is 16

Import the exported module correctly

Ensure you are importing the module correctly.

An example helpers library (helpers.js)

let helpers = function () { };

helpers.groupBy = function (objectArray, property) {
  return objectArray.reduce(function (acc, obj) {
    var key = obj[property];
    if (!acc[key]) {
      acc[key] = [];
    return acc;

export default helpers;

The correct import usage (App.js):

import helpers from './helpers'


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