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The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is a wiki on which we document the open Web, Mozilla technologies, Firefox OS, and other developer topics. Anyone is welcome to add and edit content. You don't need to be a programmer or know a lot about technology; there are many different tasks that need to be performed, from the simple (proof-reading and correcting typos) to the complex (writing API documentation).

We need your help! It's easy. Don't worry about asking for permission or about making mistakes. On the other hand, please get to know the MDN community; we're here to help you! The documentation below should get you started.

Documentation for MDN users

About MDN
An introduction to MDN, including what we do, how we do it, and the licenses under which our content is offered. In addition, information about localization and our localization communities is provided.
MDN user guide
A complete guide to using and finding information on MDN.
Contributing to MDN
A look at all the ways you can contribute to MDN, from simple changes to documenting entirely new APIs. In addition, you can learn how to request new documentation if you're not the sort to do writing yourself.
Localizing MDN
A guide to translating and localizing content on MDN, as well as the MDN site itself. In addition, information about our localization teams is provided here.
MDN tools and utilities
A guide to the dashboards, RSS feeds, and other utility features that can help you optimize your MDN experience.
The MDN community
An introduction to the vibrant MDN community and how to get involved!
MDN style guide
A guide to the styles and layouts for MDN pages. If you want to be an expert at producing top-notch quality that matches our style guidelines, this is the documentation for you!
Kuma is the wiki platform that powers MDN. Learn more about it, how it works, and how to use KumaScript, its powerful scripting system. You can also learn how to fork the code and participate in development of this open source software platform.

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MDN community

Want to participate in the discussion about documentation on MDN? Our community talks all the time on IRC!

Don't forget about the netiquette...

Tools and tasks

Request developer documentation
Our developer documentation request form lets you request new documentation or updates to existing documentation. The form guides you through providing the needed information and helps to ensure that your request will be handled as soon as possible.
Things to do
We have several lists of different types of things you can to do help. Refer to these lists to find content you can add or improve.
Plans and ideas
A collection of documents with plans and ideas for organization work on MDN, future plans, and so forth. Herein there be dragons; tread with care!