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The Firefox Marketplace is an open and non-proprietary online marketplace for web apps. In this zone you'll find all the information you need to prepare and publish apps on the Firefox Marketplace. Find guidance on how to make apps successful, delivery options, monetization, publishing and updating apps, and the libraries and APIs to make use of Marketplace features.

Mozilla is bringing its core values — openness, freedom, user choice — to the world of app publishing.

Using standard Web technologies, languages and tools the Firefox Marketplace enables you to publish free and paid Open Web Apps. These apps can be packaged, running within Firefox, or hosted on your own web server. Published apps are available to users of Firefox on desktops, Android devices and Firefox OS phones wherever they are in the world. Users discover your apps easily in Firefox Marketplace using the featured apps section, app categories and powerful search. User's are then able to install free apps instantly, or buy paid apps with the growing support for credit card payments and operator billing.

Preparing for success

Whether you're creating apps for pleasure or profit, you'll want people to discover, use and enjoy them. This section explains how to spread the word and build communities of satisfied users.

Publication options

Packaged or Hosted, that is the question. Find out about delivering your app content and the options for making your apps available on Android devices and desktops, in addition to Firefox OS.
Creating a store
You don't have to use the Firefox Marketplace to distribute apps. Find out how to create a store for your apps, or apps from other developers.


If creating apps is your business, this section guides you through the options Open Web Apps and Firefox Marketplace offer for generating revenue. Detailed information on implementing in-app payments is included.

Publishing apps

Unleash your apps on the waiting world. Find out how to get your apps on Firefox Marketplace, including the processes for submitting your apps, the review process, updating your apps, monitoring their performance and reviewing user feedback.

Tools for app development

Firefox Marketplace Libraries and APIs
Get an overview and find links to the libraries and APIs available to add features to your Marketplace apps.
Firefox OS App Manager
Your primary tool to test, deploy and debug Open Web Apps from your desktop copy of Firefox OS.
App developer tools
Find a complete list of the tools you can use to make Open Web App development efficient and fun.

Join the Marketplace community

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