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You can use the Developer Tools to take a screenshot of the entire page, or of a single element in the page.

Taking a screenshot of the page

Use the screenshot icon: to take a full-page screenshot of the current page.

By default, the screenshot icon is not enabled. To enable it:

  • visit the Settings page
  • find the section labeled "Available Toolbox Buttons"
  • check the box labeled "Take a screenshot of the entire page".

You'll now see the icon in the toolbar:

Click the icon to take a screenshot of the current page. The screenshot is saved to your browser's "Downloads" directory:

Taking a screenshot of an element

To take a screenshot of a single element in the page, activate the context menu on that element in the Inspector's HTML pane, and select "Screenshot Node". The screenshot is saved to the browser's "Downloads" directory:

Copying screenshots to the clipboard

From Firefox 53, you can also copy the screenshot to the clipboard. Just check the box in Settings labeled "Screenshot to clipboard":

Now, whenever you take a screenshot, the screenshot is also copied to the clipboard.

Additional Options

If you need to specify a different device-pixel-ratio, set a delay before taking the screenshot, or specify your own file name, starting in Firefox 62 you can use the :screenshot helper function in the Web Console.


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