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This API is available on Firefox OS for internal applications only.


The MozVoicemailStatus API provides access to a voicemail status.

Interface overview

interface MozVoicemailStatus
  readonly attribute unsigned long serviceId;
  readonly attribute boolean hasMessage;
  readonly attribute long messageCount;
  readonly attribute DOMString returnNumber;
  readonly attribute DOMString returnMessage;


MozVoicemailStatus.serviceId Read only
A number indicating the voicemail service ID.
MozVoicemailStatus.hasMessage Read only
A boolean indicating if there are messages available within the voicemail box.
MozVoicemailStatus.messageCount Read only
A number indicating the total message count.
MozVoicemailStatus.returnNumber Read only
A string representing the return call number for the voicemail status.
MozVoicemailStatus.returnMessage Read only
A string representing a displayable return call message for the voicemail status.




Not part of any specification yet.

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