Returns an object representing the directory in which a component is installed.

Method of

Install object


Object getComponentFolder
   (String registryName);

Object getComponentFolder (
   String registryName,
   String subDirectory);


The getComponentFolder method has these parameters:

The pathname in the Client Version Registry for the component whose installation directory is to be obtained.
A string that specifies the name of a subdirectory. If the specified subdirectory doesn't exist, it is created. This parameter is available in Netscape 6 and may be case sensitive (depending on the operating system).


An object representing the directory in which the component is installed, or NULL if the component could not be found or if subDirectory refers to a file that already exists.


The getComponentFolder method to find the location of a previously installed software package. Typically, you use this method with the addFile method or the addDirectory method.

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