Netscape 6 and Mozilla do not currently support this method.

Sets the value of an arbitrary key.

Method of

WinReg object


String setValue ( String subkey, String valname, WinRegValue value);


The setValue method has the following parameters:

The key path to the appropriate location in the key hierarchy, such as "Software\\Netscape\\Navigator\\Mail".
The name of the value-name/value pair whose value you want to change.
A WinRegValue object representing the new non-string value. See WinRegValue for information about these values.


0 if it succeeded; a nonzero number if it failed to schedule the action. For a list of possible values, see Return Codes.


The setValue method sets the value of an arbitrary key. Use this method if the value you want to set is not a string. If the value is a string, the setValueString method is more convenient.

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