Localization projects

All localization and translation work on MDN is done by an amazing community of volunteers. This article lists localization projects, some of their active contributors, and other details.

If you just want to dive in and start translating, see Translating MDN pages.

Note: Feel free to add your name to this page if you are interested in being contacted by other contributors about efforts in a particular locale. Please make sure that your MDN profile shows a way to contact you, such as through Twitter, or other social media. Names on this page are curated to remove people who have not contributed to MDN in the past 12 months.

ar: العربية [Arabic]

bg: Български [Bulgarian]

bm: Bamanankan [Bambara]

bn: বাংলা (বাংলাদেশ) [Bengali]

ca: Català [Catalan]

de: Deutsch [German]

el: Ελληνικά [Greek]

es: Español [Spanish]

fa: فارسی [Persian]

fi: suomi [Finnish]

fr: Français [French]

he: עברית [Hebrew]

hi-IN: हिन्दी (भारत) [Hindi]

hu: magyar [Hungarian]

id: Bahasa Indonesia [Indonesian]

it: Italiano [Italian]

ja: 日本語 [Japanese]

kab: Taqbaylit [Kabyle]

ko: 한국어 [Korean]

ms: Melayu [Malay]

my: မြန်မာဘာသာ [Myanmar]

nl: Nederlands [Dutch]

pl: Polski [Polish]

pt-BR: Português (do Brasil) [Portuguese, Brazil]

pt-PT: Português (Europeu) [Portuguese, Portugal]

ru: Русский [Russian]

sv-SE: Svenska [Swedish]

th: ไทย [Thai]

tr: Türkçe [Turkish]

uk: Українська [Ukrainian]

vi: Tiếng Việt [Vietnamese]

zh-CN: 中文 (简体) [Chinese, simplified]

zh-TW: 中文 (繁體) [Chinese, traditional]

The localization lead is marked by [*]. This is the person who leads a localization community on MDN, guiding their work in localizing content for a specific locale or topic.

Other locales

These are locales that have not been created on MDN, but where there maybe interest for doing so. See Starting a new MDN localization if you want a new locale created.

gu: ગુજરાતી [Gujarati]

lo: ພາສາລາວ [Lao]

si: සිංහල [Sinhalese]

ur: اردو [Urdu]