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Bug Summary
1228512 Describe JavaScript source mapping in detail
1241469 Explain missing event markers in Performance tool description
1250795 Explain filters in Performance tool
1250796 Performance tool description cannot be reached from within the sidebar menu
1277873 Inspector/HTML editor documentation is misleading - does not adequately reflect the caveats of the tool and its capabilites
1314616 'Menulist Editable' documentation page not found
1345030 Incorrect information in the list of extra tools
1346027 Incorrect information on a keyboard shortcut
1388425 Write MDN page describing 'replaced console api' message
1399967 Shader Editor Video missing
1416500 activating Firefox debugger from keyboard shortcut keys windows says: option/control/S while Firefox tools suggests: ctl/shift/S
1419001 The current shortcut key documentation fails to explain how to suppress shortcut keys
1421502 Work with animations firefox developer tools not working
1422505 Duplicate link in navigation input type="tel"
1426538 "Debugging Frame Scripts" page needs to be updated
1434271 Console.debug docs return Not found error
1438914 Refresh Rule View page to use updated icon
1443218 no autocomplete in console after Enter
1444105 Devloper Tools Settings option to Enable Persistent logs not present
1450300 Task.jsm Documentation (and Task.js github README) reference
1451901 Is there a way to collapse all about:memory subtrees at once, or open about:memory fully collapsed?
1465122 Update Devtools Screenshot feature page to include native screenshots avail in FFox
1476093 Redirect to /docs/Tools
1480670 Icons in table too small in mobile browsers
1481029 Browser Console Examples don't work
1486073 web console -> rich output -> examining object properties is inaccurate
1488085 Rename Russian page: Responsive Design View to Responsive Design Mode
1506235 Broken link from CSP documentation to relevant FF dev tools
1511364 Complete documentation Webdriver Errors
1512221 Link to "Breaking on DOM events" is broken
1512222 Link to "Highlighting and inspecting DOM nodes" is broken
1515613 Broken link: Debugger (before Firefox 52)

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