Localization status for prioritized pages

This page provides a status overview for localizers of the localization (l10n) status of prioritized pages. This list of pages is drawn from the  list of pages tagged as priorities for localization.

How to localize this page

This English page does not contain any localization status information. It is a "parent" page for translated status pages. To see the localization status for prioritized pages in your favorite language, select your language in the Languages menu (upper right corner of the page, next to the Edit button).

If your language is not on the menu, you can create a page for it by following these steps:

  1. Make sure that translated pages exist for the topical status pages (Accessibility, API, Apps, and so on). If they don't exist, do the following:
    1. Fork the Kumascript project on Github, and edit the file /blob/master/macros/LocalizationStatusInSection.ejs to add translated strings in your language.
    2. Also translate the string "Priority articles" in /blob/master/macros/LocalizationStatusl10nPriority.ejs the same way that you translated it in the first file.
    3. Submit the changes in these two files as a Github pull request (PR). Note: Keep your PR small; PRs for many strings in many files are difficult to review, and will be rejected.
    4. Wait for your PR to be accepted, merged, and pushed into production.
    5. Create child pages of the main Doc status page, one for each of the topic sections, using the LocalizationInSection macro to generate the body of the pages. (See Macros for information about using them.)
  2. From this English page, select Add a translation in the Languages menu, and select your language in the page that appears. See Translating MDN pages for more information.
  3. In your translated page, substitute the locale code that corresponds to your language into the macro call above. For example, {{LocalizationStatusl10nPriority("de")}} for German.
  4. Be sure to delete this section from the translated page.