Watch or subscribe to a page or set of pages

Subscribing to a page on MDN allows you to be notified by email whenever it is updated or changed. The Watch button is located at the top-right hand corner of every MDN page. To access the subscription options, hover over the Watch button to disclose the Watch menu:

Screenshot of MDN's Watch menu

Select an option to watch only that one page or that page and its sub-pages.

Subscribe to a page

Click the first option, "Subscribe to Page Title" to receive an email notification each time a user edits only that one page.

Subscribe to a page and all its sub-articles

Click the second option, "Subscribe to Page Title and all its sub-articles", to receive an email notification each time a user edits that page as well as any of its sub-pages. This includes sub-pages added after you requested the subscription, so if more sub-pages are created in the future, you'll get notifications for those as well.

Unsubscribe from a page

To unsubscribe and stop watching a page, open the Watch menu again and click "Unsubscribe from Page Title ". You will only see "Unsubscribe from Page Title" if you are subscribed to a page. You will no longer receive an email each time the page is changed.

The page change emails

If you are subscribed to a page, each time a change is saved you'll get an email. These emails come from and are sent to the email address registered to your MDN account. Each message has a title of the form:

[MDN] Page "Page title" changed by username

The message starts with a repeat of the information in the title, then presents a standard diff of the content, showing exactly what changed. The changes are shown as HTML source code, which can be a little weird to read if you're not used to it in the context of MDN.

Below the diff there is a list of useful links that you can use to act on the change, including:

  • View the MDN profile of the user that made the change
  • Compare the previous and new versions of the page using MDN's on-site history feature
  • View the article itself in your browser
  • Edit the article
  • See the article's history

At the bottom of the email, there is a notification stating what subscription generated the email, such as "You are subscribed to edits on: HTML element reference and all its sub-articles", as well as a link to unsubscribe. If you click the link to unsubscribe, you will no longer receive messages for this watch request.