Special pages

This page is not complete.

MDN has a number of "special" pages; these are pages which aren't editable wiki pages, but instead provide information about the site or allow basic maintenance tasks to be performed. This guide briefly describes these special pages.

Top level pages

Because MDN's home page is not part of the wiki itself, it isn't easy to get a list of the top-level pages on MDN through script or other means. For that reason, the "top-level" special page is available.

Lists the top pages in the locale you would normally access; if you normally see English pages, you would get the /en-US/ content. if you normally see German by default, you would get the /de/ content.
You can also specify a locale to get the top-level pages in that language specifically. For example, this link provides a list of only the English pages.


We have a few dashboards that make it quicker and easier to perform specific special tasks or locate specific information.

Revision dashboard
Provides access to overall MDN content history, letting you look at recent changes, locate changes to specific content areas, and more.
Active macros
A list of all of the macros in use on MDN, including counts of how many times they're used in both English and site-wide, with links to each macro on GitHub. Search support is also provided, along with the ability to get a list of the pages that use each macro.