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#include <plhash.h>

typedef PRIntn (PR_CALLBACK *PLHashEnumerator)(PLHashEntry *he, PRIntn index, void *arg);

/* Return value */
#define HT_ENUMERATE_NEXT     0   /* continue enumerating entries */
#define HT_ENUMERATE_STOP     1   /* stop enumerating entries */
#define HT_ENUMERATE_REMOVE   2   /* remove and free the current entry */
#define HT_ENUMERATE_UNHASH   4   /* just unhash the current entry */


PLHashEnumerator is a function type used in the enumerating a hash table. When all the table entries are enumerated, each entry is passed to a user-specified function of type PLHashEnumerator with the hash table entry, an integer index, and an arbitrary piece of user data as argument.


The meaning of HT_ENUMERATE_UNHASH is not clear. In the current implementation, it will leave the hash table in an inconsistent state. The entries are unlinked from the table, they are not freed, but the entry count (the nentries field of the PLHashTable structure) is not decremented.

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