#include <prio.h> 

PRStatus PR_ConnectContinue(
  PRFileDesc *fd,
  PRInt16 out_flags);


The function has the following parameters:

A pointer to a PRFileDesc object representing a socket.
The out_flags field of the poll descriptor returned by PR_Poll().


  • If the nonblocking connect has successfully completed, PR_ConnectContinue returns PR_SUCCESS.
  • If PR_ConnectContinue() returns PR_FAILURE, call PR_GetError():
         - PR_IN_PROGRESS_ERROR: the nonblocking connect is still in progress and has not completed yet. The caller should poll the file descriptor for the in_flags PR_POLL_WRITE|PR_POLL_EXCEPT and retry PR_ConnectContinue later when PR_Poll() returns.
         - Other errors: the nonblocking connect has failed with this error code.


Continue a nonblocking connect. After a nonblocking connect is initiated with PR_Connect() (which fails with PR_IN_PROGRESS_ERROR), one should call PR_Poll() on the socket, with the in_flags PR_POLL_WRITE | PR_POLL_EXCEPT. When PR_Poll() returns, one calls PR_ConnectContinue() on the socket to determine whether the nonblocking connect has completed or is still in progress. Repeat the PR_Poll(), PR_ConnectContinue() sequence until the nonblocking connect has completed.