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Gets information about a file with a specified pathname. File size is expressed as a 32-bit integer.


#include <prio.h>

PRStatus PR_GetFileInfo(
  const char *fn,
  PRFileInfo *info);


The function has the following parameters:

The pathname of the file to get information about.
A pointer to a file information object (see PRFileInfo). On output, PR_GetFileInfo writes information about the given file to the file information object.


One of the following values:

  • If the file information is successfully obtained, PR_SUCCESS.
  • If the file information is not successfully obtained, PR_FAILURE.


PR_GetFileInfo stores information about the file with the specified pathname in the PRFileInfo structure pointed to by info. The file size is returned as an unsigned 32-bit integer.

See Also

For the 64-bit version of this function, see PR_GetFileInfo64. To get equivalent information on a file that's already open, use PR_GetOpenFileInfo.