Sets the text associated with an error.


#include <prerror.h>

void PR_SetErrorText(PRIntn textLength, const char *text)


The function has these parameters:

The length of the text in the text. May be NULL. If not NULL, and if text is zero, the string is assumed to be a null-terminated C string. Otherwise the text is assumed to be the length specified and to possibly include NULL characters (as might occur in a multilingual string).
The text to associate with the error.


The text is copied into the thread structure and remains there until the next call to PR_SetError. If there is error text already present in the thread, the previous value is first deleted. The new value is copied into storage allocated and owned by NSPR and remains there until the next call to PR_SetError or another call to PR_SetErrorText.

NSPR makes no use of this function. Clients may use it for their own purposes.