Certificate functions

The public functions listed here are used to interact with certificate databases.

If documentation is available for a function listed below, the function name is linked to either its MDC wiki page or its entry in the old SSL Reference. The Mozilla Cross Reference (MXR) link for each function provides access to the function definition, prototype definition, and source code references. The NSS version column indicates which versions of NSS support the function.

Function name/documentation Source code NSS versions
CERT_AddCertToListTail MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_AddExtension MXR 3.5 and later
CERT_AddOCSPAcceptableResponses MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_AddOKDomainName MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_AddRDN MXR 3.2.1 and later
CERT_AsciiToName MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_CacheCRL MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_ClearOCSPCache MXR 3.11.7 and later
CERT_CertChainFromCert MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_CertListFromCert MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_CertTimesValid MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_ChangeCertTrust MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_CheckCertValidTimes MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_CheckNameSpace MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_CheckCertUsage MXR 3.3 and later
CERT_CompareName MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_CompareValidityTimes MXR 3.11 and later
CERT_CompleteCRLDecodeEntries MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_ConvertAndDecodeCertificate MXR 3.9.3 and later
CERT_CopyName MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_CopyRDN MXR 3.5 and later
CERT_CreateAVA MXR 3.2.1 and later
CERT_CreateCertificate MXR 3.5 and later
CERT_CreateCertificateRequest MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_CreateName MXR 3.2.1 and later
CERT_CreateOCSPCertID MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_CreateOCSPRequest MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_CreateRDN MXR 3.2.1 and later
CERT_CreateSubjectCertList MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_CreateValidity MXR 3.5 and later
CERT_CRLCacheRefreshIssuer MXR 3.7 and later
CERT_DecodeAltNameExtension MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_DecodeAuthInfoAccessExtension MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_DecodeAuthKeyID MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_DecodeAVAValue MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_DecodeBasicConstraintValue MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_DecodeCertFromPackage MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_DecodeCertificatePoliciesExtension MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_DecodeCertPackage MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_DecodeCRLDistributionPoints MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_DecodeDERCrl MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_DecodeDERCrlWithFlags MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_DecodeGeneralName MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_DecodeNameConstraintsExtension MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_DecodeOCSPResponse MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_DecodeOidSequence MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_DecodePrivKeyUsagePeriodExtension MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_DecodeTrustString MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_DecodeUserNotice MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_DerNameToAscii MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_DestroyCertArray MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_DestroyCertificate MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_DestroyCertificateList MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_DestroyCertificatePoliciesExtension MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_DestroyCertificateRequest MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_DestroyCertList MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_DestroyName MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_DestroyOCSPCertID MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_DestroyOCSPRequest MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_DestroyOCSPResponse MXR 3.7 and later
CERT_DestroyOidSequence MXR 3.9 and later
CERT_DestroyUserNotice MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_DestroyValidity MXR 3.5 and later
CERT_DupCertificate MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_DupCertList MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_EnableOCSPChecking MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_EncodeAltNameExtension MXR 3.7 and later
CERT_EncodeAndAddBitStrExtension MXR 3.5 and later
CERT_EncodeAuthKeyID MXR 3.5 and later
CERT_EncodeBasicConstraintValue MXR 3.5 and later
CERT_EncodeCertPoliciesExtension MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_EncodeCRLDistributionPoints MXR 3.5 and later
CERT_EncodeGeneralName MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_EncodeInfoAccessExtension MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_EncodeInhibitAnyExtension MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_EncodeNoticeReference MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_EncodeOCSPRequest MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_EncodePolicyConstraintsExtension MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_EncodePolicyMappingExtension MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_EncodeSubjectKeyID MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_EncodeUserNotice MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_ExtractPublicKey MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_FindCertByName MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_FindCRLEntryReasonExten MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_FindCRLNumberExten MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_FindNameConstraintsExten MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_FilterCertListByCANames MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_FilterCertListByUsage MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_FilterCertListForUserCerts MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_FindCertByDERCert MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_FindCertByIssuerAndSN MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_FindCertByNickname MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_FindCertByNicknameOrEmailAddr MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_FindCertBySubjectKeyID MXR 3.7 and later
CERT_FindCertExtension MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_FindCertIssuer MXR 3.3 and later
CERT_FindKeyUsageExtension MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_FindSMimeProfile MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_FindSubjectKeyIDExtension MXR 3.7 and later
CERT_FindUserCertByUsage MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_FindUserCertsByUsage MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_FinishCertificateRequestAttributes MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_FinishExtensions MXR 3.5 and later
CERT_FormatName MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_FreeDistNames MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_FreeNicknames MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetAVATag MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetCertChainFromCert MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_GetCertEmailAddress MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetCertificateNames MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_GetCertificateRequestExtensions MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_GetCertIssuerAndSN MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetCertNicknames MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetCertTrust MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetCertUid MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetClassicOCSPDisabledPolicy MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_GetClassicOCSPEnabledHardFailurePolicy MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_GetClassicOCSPEnabledSoftFailurePolicy MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_GetCommonName MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetCountryName MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetDBContentVersion MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetDefaultCertDB MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetDomainComponentName MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetFirstEmailAddress MXR 3.7 and later
CERT_GetLocalityName MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetNextEmailAddress MXR 3.7 and later
CERT_GetNextGeneralName MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_GetNextNameConstraint MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_GetOCSPResponseStatus MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_GetOCSPStatusForCertID MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_GetOidString MXR 3.9 and later
CERT_GetOrgName MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetOrgUnitName MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetOCSPAuthorityInfoAccessLocation MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_GetPKIXVerifyNistRevocationPolicy MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_GetPrevGeneralName MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_GetPrevNameConstraint MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_GetSlopTime MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetSSLCACerts MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetStateName MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_GetUsePKIXForValidation MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_GetValidDNSPatternsFromCert MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_GenTime2FormattedAscii MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_Hexify MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_ImportCAChain MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_ImportCerts MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_IsRootDERCert MXR 3.8 and later
CERT_IsUserCert MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_KeyFromDERCrl MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_MakeCANickname MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_MergeExtensions MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_NameToAscii MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_NewCertList MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_NewTempCertificate MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_NicknameStringsFromCertList MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_OpenCertDBFilename MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_OCSPCacheSettings MXR 3.11.7 and later
CERT_PKIXVerifyCert MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_RemoveCertListNode MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_RFC1485_EscapeAndQuote MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_SaveSMimeProfile MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_SetSlopTime MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_SetOCSPFailureMode MXR 3.11.7 and later
CERT_SetOCSPTimeout MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_SetUsePKIXForValidation MXR 3.12 and later
CERT_StartCertExtensions MXR 3.5 and later
CERT_StartCertificateRequestAttributes MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_StartCRLEntryExtensions MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_StartCRLExtensions MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_UncacheCRL MXR 3.10 and later
CERT_VerifyCertName MXR 3.2 and later
CERT_VerifyCACertForUsage MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_VerifyCert MXR 3.2 and later. If you need to verify for multiple usages use CERT_VerifyCertificate
CERT_VerifyCertificate MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_VerifyCertificateNow MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_VerifyCertNow MXR 3.2 and later. If you need to verify for multiple usages use CERT_VerifyCertificateNow
CERT_VerifyOCSPResponseSignature MXR 3.6 and later
CERT_VerifySignedData MXR 3.4 and later
CERT_VerifySignedDataWithPublicKey MXR 3.7 and later
CERT_VerifySignedDataWithPublicKeyInfo MXR 3.7 and later
NSS_CmpCertChainWCANames MXR 3.2 and later
NSS_FindCertKEAType MXR 3.2 and later