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This interface provides standard fields used by both feeds (nsIFeed) and feed entries (nsIFeedEntry)
Gecko 1.8
Inherits from: nsIFeedElementBase Last changed in Gecko 1.8.1 (Firefox 2 / Thunderbird 2 / SeaMonkey 1.1)

Method overview

void normalize();


Attribute Type Description
authors nsIArray An array of nsIFeedPerson objects describing the authors of the feed or entry.
categories nsIArray An array of the categories found in a feed or entry.
Note: The returned array will contain nsIFeedCategory objects, except that interface has not been implemented yet.
contributors nsIArray An array of nsIFeedPerson objects describing contributors to the feed or entry.
fields nsIWritablePropertyBag2 Provides access to all the fields found in the document. Common Atom and RSS fields are normalized, including some namespaced extensions such as "dc:subject" and "content:encoded". Consumers can avoid normalization by checking the feed type and accessing specific fields.

Common namespaces are accessed using prefixes, such as get("dc:subject");. See nsIFeedResult.registerExtensionPrefix() for more information about prefixes.

id AString A string that identifies the feed or entry. Not all feeds have these, but all major feed formats have IDs for each entry.
link nsIURI A URI containing the primary link for the feed or entry.
links nsIArray An array of all links for a feed or entry.
rights nsIFeedTextConstruct The feed or entry's rights or license text.
title nsIFeedTextConstruct The feed or entry's title. Keep in mind that some feeds have no title, and some use markup in their titles, so be cautious when decoding this attribute.
updated AString A string containing the date the feed or entry was last updated, in RFC822 form. This string is parsable by JavaScript and mail code.



Synchronizes a container's fields with its convenience attributes.

void normalize();


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