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This interface defines callbacks used during the processing of an RSS or Atom feed. Programs using the feed content access API do not have to implement any of these callbacks; they are optional, but allow you to provide feedback during the parsing process.
Gecko 1.8
Inherits from: nsIFeedResultListener Last changed in Gecko 1.8 (Firefox 1.5 / Thunderbird 1.5 / SeaMonkey 1.0)

Method overview

void handleEntry(in nsIFeedEntry entry, in nsIFeedResult result);
void handleFeedAtFirstEntry(in nsIFeedResult result);
void handleStartFeed(in nsIFeedResult result);
void reportError(in AString errorText, in long lineNumber, in boolean bozo);



Called after each entry or item is processed. If the document is a standalone item or entry, the HandleFeedAtFirstEntry() method will not already have been called, and the received nsIFeedEntry will have a null parent value.

void handleEntry(
  in nsIFeedEntry entry,
  in nsIFeedResult result
Pointer to an nsIFeedEntry containing information about the entry that was just processed.
Pointer to an nsIFeedResult containing the current information about the feed being processed.


Called when the first entry or item in the feed is encountered. In Atom, all feed data is required to precede the entries; in RSS, this isn't required but is typically the case. In other words, by the time this method is called, it is most likely that most or all of the feed-level metadata has been processed and is available in the received nsIFeedResult object.

Note: If the feed type is one of the entry or item-only types, this event will never be called.

void handleFeedAtFirstEntry(
  in nsIFeedResult result
An nsIFeedResult describing the feed at the point at which the first entry is found, but before processing it.


Called as soon as a reasonable start to a feed is detected; this lets your code know that the feed does appear to be an actual feed rather than some other sort of document.

void handleStartFeed(
  in nsIFeedResult result
An nsIFeedResult describing the current state of the feed at the moment parsing begins.


Called by the feed processor when a fatal XML parsing error occurs, or if the document isn't a feed.

void reportError(
  in AString errorText,
  in long lineNumber,
  in boolean bozo
A short description of the error.
The line on which the error occurred.
The bozo bit will be set if the error was due to a fatal error.

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