The nsIFileStreams interface is an input stream that allows you to read from a file.

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Inherits from: nsISupports

Method overview

void init(in nsIFile file, in long ioFlags, in long perm, in long behaviorFlags);


Constants Value Description
DELETE_ON_CLOSE 1<<1 If this is set, the file will be deleted by the time the stream is closed. It may be removed before the stream is closed if it is possible to delete it and still read from it. If OPEN_ON_READ is defined, and the file was recreated after the first delete, the file will be deleted again when it is closed again.
CLOSE_ON_EOF 1<<2 If this is set, the file will close automatically when the end of the file is reached.
REOPEN_ON_REWIND 1<<3 If this is set, the file will be reopened whenever Seek(0) occurs. If the file is already open and the seek occurs, it will happen naturally. (The file will only be reopened if it is closed for some reason.)



 void init(
   in nsIFile file, 
   in long ioFlags, 
   in long perm,
   in long behaviorFlags
File to read from (must QI to nsILocalFile).
File open flags listed in prio.h (see PR_Open documentation) or -1 to open the file in default mode (PR_RDONLY).
File mode bits listed in prio.h or -1 to use the default value (0).
Flags specifying various behaviors of the class (see enumerations in the class).

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