This interface serves as a base interface for all of the nsISupports* family of interfaces.
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.7


Attribute Type Description
type unsigned short This attribute provides access to the type represented by the nsISupportsPrimitive instance.


Constant Value Description
TYPE_ID 1 Corresponding to nsISupportsID.
TYPE_CSTRING 2 Corresponding to nsISupportsCString.
TYPE_STRING 3 Corresponding to nsISupportsString.
TYPE_PRBOOL 4 Corresponding to nsISupportsPRBool.
TYPE_PRUINT8 5 Corresponding to nsISupportsPRUint8.
TYPE_PRUINT16 6 Corresponding to nsISupportsPRUint16.
TYPE_PRUINT32 7 Corresponding to nsISupportsPRUint32.
TYPE_PRUINT64 8 Corresponding to nsISupportsPRUint64.
TYPE_PRTIME 9 Corresponding to nsISupportsPRTime.
TYPE_CHAR 10 Corresponding to nsISupportsChar.
TYPE_PRINT16 11 Corresponding to nsISupportsPRInt16.
TYPE_PRINT32 12 Corresponding to nsISupportsPRInt32.
TYPE_PRINT64 13 Corresponding to nsISupportsPRInt64.
TYPE_FLOAT 14 Corresponding to nsISupportsFloat.
TYPE_DOUBLE 15 Corresponding to nsISupportsDouble.
TYPE_VOID 16 Corresponding to nsISupportsVoid.
TYPE_INTERFACE_POINTER 17 Corresponding to nsISupportsInterfacePointer.


This interface was frozen for Gecko 1.2. See bug 166426 for details. From Gecko 2.0 interfaces are no longer frozen.

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