XPCOM category image-sniffing-services

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

In versions of Firefox prior to Firefox 3, extensions could add decoders for new image types. However, such decoders relied on servers sending correct MIME types; images sent with incorrect MIME types would not be correctly displayed.

In Firefox 3, a new XPCOM category was added in bug 391667 to allow "third-party" XPCOM components to identify images based on their content. If Mozilla's built-in image code cannot identify an image, then any XPCOM components implementing the nsIContentSniffer interface may register under the "image-sniffing-services" category, and will be queried to determine the MIME type of the image being downloaded.

Note: This category was removed. See Bug 813787 - Remove support for image-sniffing-services.