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Thunderbird HowTos

Warning: This content is for older versions of Thunderbird. Much of it may no longer be relevant. See for newer information.

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To get started creating the most basic extension framework, please see Building a Thunderbird Extension.

This page is organized into two parts: common extension techniques and Thunderbird-specific APIs. The former discusses general methods to hook into Thunderbird, while the latter is more focused on how to do interesting things once Thunderbird has started running your code.

See also "An overview of Thunderbird components". Many of the components described on that page have links to related examples.

Common Extension Techniques

Thunderbird-specific APIs for Extensions

Each of the pages listed in this section contains a number of related topics. For example, the "Compose New Message" page contains sections that describe how to open a new message window, modify a message body, etc.

Folders and message lists

View message

Compose new messages

Reply to message

Access address book

Activity Manager