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This section of the site is a home for documentation on web-related technologies that aren't central to the MDN's remit (i.e. they aren't web standards technologies), but are nonetheless related to the web and of interest to web developers.

Note: These documentation resources generally aren't maintained by the MDN writer's team — if you have suggestions or queries related to these resources, check out the landing pages for those technologies for contact details of the relevant maintenance team.

Technology list

IMSC: subtitles and captioning for the Web
IMSC (TTML Profiles for Internet Media Subtitles and Captions) is a file format for representing subtitles and captions. It uses XML to describe content, timing, layout, and styling. IMSC is very similar to HTML and CSS in concept — in fact, most IMSC styles have a direct equivalent in CSS.

Submitting a new technology

If you want to document a new technology on MDN and it isn't a web standards technology, it may fit in this section of MDN Web Docs.

To determine if it does, Carefully read the Criteria for inclusion. This outlines the criteria a technology should match to be considered for inclusion on this area of the site.

If the technology does fit the criteria for inclusion, you should next follow the process for selection. The short version is that you assemble some supporting resources and then send them to the MDN team so we can make a decision on whether to include the technology. We want to consider each technology on a case-by-case basis, so we can carefully control what is published here and maintain quality.

Warning: If you publish new documentation here without talking to the MDN team, it will be deleted.

Creating a documentation project

If the MDN Web Docs team accepts your proposal, it's time to get started with writing your documentation. See our project guidelines for a guide on how.


You can contact the MDN team at mdn-admins@mozilla.org.

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