Kevin Lim 07.29.2011

In Compat table, add that these are prefixed. 

Add info from:

See also When can I use IndexedDB?


Make it clear that they should read Using IndexedDB

Note the common mistakes of a new web developer. 

Emphasize that it's asynchronous. It doesn't return the result, you must pass a callback function. 

Note the following:

- the importance of the setVersion () method. 

- error handling 



    The way we (or at least I) think about this is that there should be a
    1-1 relation between the contents of an object store and indexes for
    it. You can't add an item to an object store if it cannot also be
    added to the index, and we think this relation should hold also if you
    create a new index after you've populated an object store.






is not yet implemented on Chrome