The network monitor provides two toolbar areas, one above the main section, and another below.


The toolbar is at the top of the main network monitor window.

It provides:

  • An icon to clear the network request list.
  • A box enabling you to filter requests by URL and by properties.
  • An array of icons to filter the network request list by type:
    • by the content type of the response
    • XHR requests
    • WebSocket upgrades (labeled WS)
  • By default, the Network Monitor is cleared each time you navigate to a new page or reload the current page. You can change this behavior by clicking on the Persist Logs checkbox.
  • A checkbox that allows you to disable caching.
  • Throttling
  • HAR

A second toolbar area at the bottom of the network monitor provides:

  • An icon to launch performance analysis.
  • A summary of this page, including the number of requests, total size, and total time.

Network Monitor Features

The following articles cover different aspects of using the network monitor:

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