The DocumentFragment.querySelectorAll() method returns a NodeList of elements within the DocumentFragment (using depth-first pre-order traversal of the document's nodes) that matches the specified group of selectors.

If the selectors specified in parameter are invalid a DOMException with a SYNTAX_ERR value is raised.

Note: The definition of this API was moved to the ParentNode interface.


elementList = documentfragment.querySelectorAll(selectors);


Is a DOMString containing one or more CSS selectors separated by commas.


This example returns a list of all div elements within the DocumentFragment with a class of either "note" or "alert":

var matches = documentfrag.querySelectorAll("div.note, div.alert");


Specification Status Comment
Selectors API Level 1
The definition of 'DocumentFragment.querySelectorAll' in that specification.
Obsolete Initial definition.

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