Installs new skin or locale packages in Netscape 6 and Mozilla.

Method of

InstallTrigger object


int installChrome( TYPE, url, name )


The installChrome method has the following parameters:

TYPE can be InstallTrigger.SKIN or InstallTrigger.LOCALE.
url is a string containing a full or relative URL to download
name is displayed in the dialog, but is also used to *select* the theme somust match exactly the name in the internal manifest.rdf file.


A boolean value indicating False if the software install feature has been turned off, and True if it's on. Note that this return value does not indicate anything about the success of the installation.


installChrome is a special method for installing new chrome in Netscape 6 and Mozilla. The method performs a simplified installation of language packs or Netscape 6/Mozilla skins, and saves you the trouble of writing separate installation scripts in the XPI files or using the more sophisticated methods of the Install and File objects.

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