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This dictionary represents the object that should be passed as the algorithm parameter into SubtleCrypto.sign() or SubtleCrypto.verify(), when using the RSA-PSS algorithm.


DOMString. This should be set to "RSA-PSS".

long. The length of the random salt to use, in bytes.

RFC 3447 says that "Typical salt lengths" are either 0 or the length of the output of the digest algorithm that was selected when this key was generated. For example, if you use SHA-256 as the digest algorithm, this could be 32.

The maximum size of saltLength is given by:

Math.ceil((keySizeInBits - 1)/8) - digestSizeInBytes - 2

So for a key length of 2048 bits and a digest output size of 32 bytes, the maximum size would be 222.




Specification Status Comment
Web Cryptography API
The definition of 'SubtleCrypto.RsaPssParams' in that specification.

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