TextTrackCue is an abstract class which is used as the basis for the various derived cue types, such as VTTCue; you will instead work with those derived types. These cues represent a string of text that is presented for some duration of time during the performance of a TextTrack. The cue includes the start time (the time at which the text will be displayed) and the end time (the time at which it will be removed from the display), as well as other information.


This interface also inherits properties from EventTarget.

TextTrackCue.track Read only
The TextTrack that this cue belongs to, or null if it doesn't belong to any.
A DOMString that identifies the cue.
A double that represents the video time that the cue will start being displayed, in seconds.
A double that represents the video time that the cue will stop being displayed, in seconds.
A boolean for whether the video will pause when this cue stops being displayed.

Event handlers

The event handler for the enter event.
The event handler for the exit event.


Browser compatibility

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