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The Intl.ListFormat.prototype.formatToParts() method returns an Array of objects representing the different components that can be used to format a list of values in a locale-aware fashion.




An Array of values to be formatted according to a locale.

Return value

An Array of components which contains the formatted parts from the list.


Whereas Intl.ListFormat.prototype.format() returns a string being the formated version of the list (according to the given locale and style options), formatToParts() returns an array of the different components of the formated string.

Each element of the resulting array has two properties: type and value. The type property may be either "element", which refers to a value from the list, or "literal" which refers to a linguistic construct. The value property gives the content, as a string, of the token.

The locale and style options used for formatting are given when constructing the Intl.ListFormat instance.


const fruits = ['Apple', 'Orange', 'Pineapple'];
const myListFormat = new Intl.ListFormat('en-GB', { style: 'long', type: 'conjunction' });

// [
//  { "type": "element", "value": "Apple" },
//  { "type": "literal", "value": ", " },
//  { "type": "element", "value": "Orange" },
//  { "type": "literal", "value": ", and " },
//  { "type": "element", "value": "Pineapple" }
// ]


Specification Status Comment
Intl.ListFormat.prototype.formatToParts proposal Stage 3

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