The method returns a String indicating which plural rule to use for locale-aware formatting.


pluralCategory =


The number to get a plural rule for.

Return value

A string representing the pluralization category of the number, can be one of "zero", "one", "two", "few", "many" or "other".


This function selects a pluralization category according to the locale and formatting options of a PluralRules object.


Using select

 new Intl.PluralRules('ar-EG').select(0); 
// → 'zero' 

new Intl.PluralRules('ar-EG').select(1); 
// → 'one'

new Intl.PluralRules('ar-EG').select(2); 
// → 'two'

new Intl.PluralRules('ar-EG').select(6); 
// → 'few'

new Intl.PluralRules('ar-EG').select(18); 
// → 'many'


Specification Status Comment
Intl Plural Rules Draft Draft Initial definition

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