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New page: <breadcrumbs></breadcrumbs> {{fx_minversion_header|2}} '''Storage''' is a [http://www.sqlite.org/ SQLite] database API. It is available to trusted callers, meaning extensions and Firefox ...

RDF 数据源 How-To

New page: <breadcrumbs></breadcrumbs> <div class="warning"> This article is at least partially outdated. Help bring it up to date, if you can. <!-- The XPCOM registration parts and the "As of this ...

Chrome Registration

New page: <breadcrumbs></breadcrumbs> == What is Chrome? == [[Chrome]] is the set of user interface elements of the application window that are outside of a window's content area. Toolbars, menu b...


New page: <breadcrumbs></breadcrumbs> == Presentation == * [http://developer.mozilla.org/presentations/xtech2005/rdf/ View Online] * [http://developer.mozilla.org/presentations/xtech2005/download/...

RDF 问题集

New page: <breadcrumbs></breadcrumbs> =General= ==Where do I start?== [[RDF]] serves two primary purposes in Mozilla. First, it is a simple, cross-platform database for small data stores. Second, a...