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New page: =Descrption= Represents a window border. =Mapped to= * ATK: ATK_ROLE_UNKNOWN * UA: NSAccessibilityUnknownRole * MSAA/IA2: ROLE_SYSTEM_BORDER =Used by= * ARIA: role = "border"


New page: =Description= Represents a graphical image used to represent data. =Mapped to= * ATK: ATK_ROLE_CHART * UA: NSAccessibilityUnknownRole * MSAA/IA2: ROLE_SYSTEM_CHART =Used by= * ARIA: r...


New page: =Description= Represents a dialog box or message box. =Mapped to= * ATK: ATK_ROLE_DIALOG * UA: NSAccessibilityWindowRole * MSAA/IA2: ROLE_SYSTEM_DIALOG =Used by= * ARIA: role="dialog"...


New page: =Description= Logically groups other objects. There is not always a parent-child relationship between the grouping object and the objects it contains. =Mapped to= * ATK: ATK_ROLE_PANEL ...