Retorna el tipo de media (MIME) del archivo representado por un objeto File.


var tipo = file.type;


Una cadena (string), conteniendo el tipo de media (MIME) indicando el tipo del archivo, por ejemplo "image/png" para imágenes PNG.


<input type="file" multiple onchange="mostrarTipo(this)">
function mostrarTipo(fileInput) {
  const archivos = fileInput.files;

  for (let i = 0; i < archivos.length; i++) {
    const nombre = archivos[i].name;
    const tipo = archivos[i].type;
    alert("Nombre del archivo: " + nombre + " , Tipo: " + tipo);

Note: Based on the current implementation, browsers won't actually read the bytestream of a file to determine its media type. It is assumed based on the file extension; a PNG image file renamed to .txt would give "text/plain" and not "image/png". Moreover, file.type is generally reliable only for common file types like images, HTML documents, audio and video. Uncommon file extensions would return an empty string. Client configuration (for instance, the Windows Registry) may result in unexpected values even for common types. Developers are advised not to rely on this property as a sole validation scheme.


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File API
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