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To test the latest developer features of Firefox,
install Firefox Developer Edition
Firefox 41 was released on September 22, 2015. This article lists key changes that are useful not only for web developers, but also Firefox and Gecko developers as well as add-on developers.

Changements pour les développeurs Web

Outils pour Développeurs


All devtools bugs fixed between Firefox 40 and Firefox 41: note that many of these bugs, especially those relating to the performance tools, were uplifted to Firefox 40.





HTML Editing API

  • Cut, copy and paste commands handling has been revamped and now allow programmatic copying and cutting from JS for Web content:


Web Crypto

Canvas API

Service Workers



New default and fallback font handling

Mathematical formulas require special fonts. So far, these fonts were hard-coded in the mathml.css user agent stylesheet (which sets the font-family on <math> tag) and in the preference option font.mathfont-family (which sets the fallback fonts to use for stretchy and large operators). Firefox 41 introduces, an internal x-math language that is automatically set on the <math> tag as well as corresponding preference options (e.g. font.name.serif.x-math). The user agent stylesheet now sets font-family to serif on the <math> tag and the preference option font.mathfont-family is replaced with font.name.serif.x-math.  All platforms now essentially use the same list of fallback fonts, with "Latin Modern Math" as first one. The default/fallback fonts can be configured from the standard per-language font preference menu. For more details, see bug 947654 and bug 1160456.


  • Site icons (favicons, shortcut icons) now support SVG (bug 366324).


  • The media.autoplay.enabled preference now also apply to untrusted HTMLMediaElement.play() invocations too, that is calls from non-users activated scripts (bug 659285).


  • The X-Content-Duration header is no longer supported (bug 1160695).


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Changes for add-on and Mozilla developers


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JavaScript code modules

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