The articles linked to from here will help you improve performance, whether you're developing core Mozilla code or an add-on.


Reporting a Performance Problem
A user friendly guide to reporting a performance problem. A development environment is not required.
Performance best practices in extensions
A performance "best practices" guide for extension developers.
Measuring Add-on Startup Performance
A guide for add-on developers on how to set up a performance testing environment.
XUL School: Add-on Performance
Tips for add-on developers to help them avoid impairing application performance.
GPU performance
Tips for profiling and improving performance when using a GPU

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Profiling and performance tools

Profiling JavaScript with Shark
How to use the Mac OS X Shark profiler to profile JavaScript code in Firefox 3.5 or later.
Profiling with Shark
How to use Apple's Shark tool to profile Mozilla code.
Profiling with Instruments
How to use Apple's Instruments tool to profile Mozilla code.
Profiling with Xperf
How to use Microsoft's Xperf tool to profile Mozilla code.
Profiling with Zoom
Zoom is a profiler for Linux done by the people who made Shark
Profiling with the Built-in Profiler
Measuring performance using the PerfMeasurement.jsm code module
Using PerfMeasurement.jsm to measure performance data in your JavaScript code.
Adding a new Telemetry probe
Information on how to add a new measurement to the Telemetry performance-reporting system

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