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  • Changes to SameSite Cookie Behavior 鈥 A Call to Action for Web Developers

    Browsers are changing the default value of the SameSite attribute for cookies from None to Lax. This will greatly improve security for users. However, some web sites may depend (even unknowingly) on the old default, potentially resulting in site breakage. At Mozilla, we are slowly introducing this change. And we 鈥

  • Firefox 79: The safe return of shared memory, new tooling, and platform updates

    Firefox 79 offers a new Promise method, more secure target=_blank links, logical assignment operators, tooling improvements for better JavaScript debugging, and many other updates of interest to web developers. In addition, shared memory is back at last, with a safer implementation. The post Firefox 79: The safe return of shared 鈥

  • MDN Web Docs: 15 years young

    MDN Web Docs turns 15 years old! This celebratory article highlights fifteen big wins of the last five years. With initiatives like the browser compatibility data project, learning areas and new pathways for beginning devs, interactive examples, as well as the Product Advisory Board, the Web DNA Report, and the 鈥

  • Safely reviving shared memory

    At Mozilla, we want the web to be capable of running high-performance applications so that users and content authors can choose the safety, agency, and openness of the web platform. Shared-memory multi-threading is an essential low-level building block for high-performance applications. However, keeping users safe is paramount, which is why 鈥

  • Testing Firefox more efficiently with machine learning

    A browser is an enormously complex piece of software, and it's always in development. About a year ago, we asked ourselves: how could we do better? Our CI relied heavily on human intervention. What if we could instead correlate patches to tests using historical regression data? Could we use a 鈥

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