Enables an extension to modify certain global browser settings. Each property of this API is a BrowserSetting (en-US) object, providing the ability to modify a particular setting.
Because these are global settings, it's possible for extensions to conflict. See the documentation for BrowserSetting.set() for details of how conflicts are handled.

To use this API you need to have the "browserSettings" permission.


browserSettings.allowPopupsForUserEvents (en-US)
Determines whether code running in web pages can display popups in response to user events.
browserSettings.cacheEnabled (en-US)
Determines whether the browser cache is enabled or not.
browserSettings.closeTabsByDoubleClick (en-US)
Determines whether the selected tab can be closed with a double click.
browserSettings.contextMenuShowEvent (en-US)
Determines the mouse event that triggers a context menu popup.
browserSettings.ftpProtocolEnabled (en-US)
Determines whether the FTP protocol is enabled.
browserSettings.homepageOverride (en-US)
Read the value of the browser's home page.
browserSettings.imageAnimationBehavior (en-US)
Determines how the browser treats animated images.
browserSettings.newTabPageOverride (en-US)
Reads the value of the browser's new tab page.
browserSettings.newTabPosition (en-US)
Controls the position of newly opened tabs relative to already open tabs.
browserSettings.openBookmarksInNewTabs (en-US)
Determines whether bookmarks are opened in the current tab or a new tab.
browserSettings.openSearchResultsInNewTabs (en-US)
Determines whether search results are opened in the current tab or a new tab.
browserSettings.openUrlbarResultsInNewTabs (en-US)
Determines whether address bar autocomplete suggestions are opened in the current tab or a new tab.
browserSettings.overrideDocumentColors (en-US)
Controls whether the user-chosen colors override the page's colors.
browserSettings.useDocumentFonts (en-US)
Controls whether the browser will use the fonts specified by a web page or use only built-in fonts.
browserSettings.webNotificationsDisabled (en-US)
Prevents websites from showing notifications using the Notification Web API.
browserSettings.zoomFullPage (en-US)
Controls whether zoom is applied to the entire page or to text only.
browserSettings.zoomSiteSpecific (en-US)
Controls whether page zoom is applied on a per-site or per-tab basis. If privacy.websites (en-US).resistFingerprinting is true, this setting has no effect and zoom is applied on a per-tab basis.

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