Contributing to MDN

Welcome! By visiting this page, you've taken the first step toward becoming a contributor to MDN!

The guides listed here cover all aspects of contributing to MDN, including style guides, guides to using our editor and tools, and more. Please make sure you have read (and are compliant with) the Mozilla Terms before editing or creating any pages.

If you haven't contributed to MDN previously, the Getting Started guide can help you pick a task to jump in and help with.

Azen iwenniten ɣer isemliyen MDN Web Docs
Ansuf yis-k ɣer MDN Web Docs! tumlin neɣ uguren deg seqdec n MDN Web Docs, d wagi i d-amḍiq-inek. imi iɛǧeb-ik ad tefkeḍ rray-inek dayen i k-yerran d amedraw urmid deg tamezdagnut n Mozilla, ad ak -nesnemmer i waya.
How-to guides
These articles provide step-by-step guides to accomplishing specific goals when contributing to MDN.