How to add or update browser compatibility data

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If you have information about browser compatibility of Web features — or are willing and able to do some research and/or experimentation — you can help update MDN's Browser Compatibility Database (BCD).

Where does it need to be done?

There are several ways that you can help improve browser compatibility information on MDN:

  • Add data for web features not yet included in the BCD repository
  • Update existing data with new information based on either changes to new versions of browsers, correcting mistakes in existing data, or updates to the features of a given technology
  • Submit pull requests to address BCD issues filed on Github.
What do you need to know to do the task?
  • Familiarity with using Github
  • Familiarity with using JSON
  • Information about, or ability to test for, compatibility of web standards features in different browsers. You can also convert "old" compatibility table data into JSON.
What are the steps to do the task?
For details on how to update the JSON files that make up the BCD repository on Github, see our article on compatibility tables. For a list of issues that we're specifically looking for help with, look for Github issues with the "Help Wanted" tag.

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