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      What is Loc Tag?

      Loc Tag is used to store points on a map to later use as navigation aid. E.g.: Loc Tag makes it possible to store the location of your car which you can afterwards use to quickly navigate back to your car.


      Use the touchscreen or mouse to navigate through the different menu options.


      Loc Tag (left top corner)

      Touching/clicking on Loc Tag brings you back to the main screen. Currently there are no back buttons implemented, so touching/clicking Loc Tag is your only means of returning at this point.

      "?" (right top corner)

      use this to get extra aid.

      iconbar (car - bike -home)

      Use these to quickly store MyCar, MyBike and MyHome location (current location). You need to touch/click 'SET LOCATION' for actual storing your location.

      Set Location

      Store a location for future use.

      • auto: use current location
      • manual: add a location yourself (text)

      You need to touch/click 'SET LOCATION' for actual storing your location.

      Delete Location

      Delete a previously stored location.

      Show map

      Show all your stored locations on a map (migh require additional zooming). Touching/clicking the tags on the map reveils there specific infomation

      Show Routes

      Show the route from the current location to a previously stored location.


      Open this menu.