CSS3 media queries is a new web designing technique used on almost every website to display the website differently on different screen sizes without making any separate template for website.

In this project/demo you will see screens of different devices (iMac,iPad and iPhone), just resize the browser window and see how it works.More about Media Queries
HTML5 is the newest standard of HTML and it is now very easy to make web apps with it. Many multimedia task are now possible with the new techniques introduced in HTML5

HTML5 is known more for browser games. Cut the Rope and Angry Birds are good examples of HTML5 games.More about HTML5
JQuery is a small but powerful JavaScript library. Creating effects on elements are very easy with JQuery.

I have used JQuery at different parts of this webpage. If you want to see more examples just click here.More about jQuery
Mac App Store

    Try this :

  • Click on JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 Media Queries in the menu bar
  • Click on the Time which is at the top right corner to see a new Clock.
  • Click the Safari icons.
  • Use the control buttons (red,orange and green) in the dummy Browser
  • You can even drag the browser to different positions on the page
  • Click the App Store icon on the sidebar to visit Apple App Store.
  • Resize your browser window to see some magic!
  • (Click to close this)
I have used Apple logos and names of Apple devices in this project just for educational purpose.
iMac, iPad, iPhone and Apple logo are the registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

    Try these :

  • Click the time displayed on the bar above
  • Click on the Safari icon



Facetime Facetime
Newsstand Newsstand
App Store App Store
iTunes iTunes
Videos Videos
Maps Maps
Music Music
Game Center Game Center
Photo Booth Photo Booth
Clock Clock
Contacts Contacts
Reminders Reminders
Calander Calander
Notes Notes
FaceTime FaceTime
Safari Safari
Mail Mail
iMessage iMessage
Photos Photos
Thank you for seeing this Project. created by Deepak Kamat