The media on this webpage changes according to your screen size. Resize this window to see for yourself. I created this for my entry in the October 2012 MDN Dev Derby Challenge "CSS Media Queries Size Matters". I'm a student at Full Sail University earning my Bachelor of Science Degree with a focus on Mobile Development.

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Lady Gaga Fan?

I'm also a fan of Lady Gaga music, videos, and fashion. I've never made it to any of her live shows YET, but I'm sure I would enjoy that too. This website is a reflection of two of my favorite past-times (web dev & music). Lady Gaga's official websites can found online at:

Source Code

You can download and learn from the entire source code for this webpage at my GitHub link. I included comments in my code to help you find online resources. If this webpage inspires you to create more responsive websites send me a link of your webpage . If your webpage provides a link to this webpage I'll also share a link to your webpage from this webpage.

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I found images of Lady Gaga on Google Image Search and put them on this website without altering them. Awesome websites to help you build your own responsive websites include: