Moon wars

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No more oil left on Earth, but researchers found huge amount of Helium-3 on the moon. This non-radioactive isotope of helium gives a chance to build Zero Point Module also known as ZPM, which means unlimited energy. We can not miss that chance. Unfortunately our enemies knows this. You have to protect your base, push enemies away and save your country. Moon needs you!

Moon wars is free online HTML5 based tank game. Main features: 9 tanks and 2 air units, 5 maps, single player, multiplayer with 4 modes, full screen support, HTML5 only, no flash.


Mouse move and target
Right click additional movements
1, 2, 3 skills
TAB live scores
Enter chat
Shift+Enter global chat or team chat in game
Delete destroy unit
S change scroll mode
Arrow keys scroll map in manual scroll mode
Mouse scroll scroll map up/down
Esc stop and move map to your tank
U change abilities upgrade mode