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Looked at the source code of the first website by CERN instead of looking at the DOM through Dev Tools. Updated what I previously added accordingly.


I was inspecting the first webpage by Cern and realized the <header> element was used here. This indicates it existed at the beginning of HTML but for a different reason. I thought it was worth noting what I discovered. Feel free to improve. ~~

<i>: The Idiomatic Text element

Bringing the <i> element page to be more inline with pages like <b>, <strong>, and <em>. It was too similar to its HTML4 explanation.

<em>: The Emphasis element

I looked over how the article for <strong> is set up and decided to follow that a bit more closely. I put it back to <i> vs. <em>, putting the "contender" first, and I moved it to be a section under Usage Notes. I also added a bit to Usage Notes.