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The ::cue-region CSS pseudo-element matches WebVTT cues within a selected element. This can be used to style captions and other cues in media with VTT tracks.

::cue-region {
  color: yellow;
  font-weight: bold;

Permitted properties

Rules with ::cue-region in their selectors are limited to using only CSS properties from the following list:

The properties are applied to the entire set of cues as if they were a single unit. The only exception is that background and its shorthand properties apply to each cue individually, to avoid creating boxes and obscuring unexpectedly large areas of the media.


::cue-region | ::cue-region( <selector> )


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Accessibility concerns

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Specification Status Comment
WebVTT: The Web Video Text Tracks Format
The definition of 'the ::cue-region pseudo-element' in that specification.
Candidate Recommendation Initial definition.

Browser compatibility

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