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The AudioNodeOptions dictionary of the Web Audio API specifies options that can be used when creating new AudioNode objects.

AudioNodeOptions is inherited from by the option objects of the different types of audio node constructors. See for example AnalyserNode.AnalyserNode or GainNode.GainNode.


var audioNodeOptions = {
  "channelCount" : 2,
  "channelCountMode" : "max",
  "channelInterpretation" : "discrete"


channelCount Optional
Represents an integer used to determine how many channels are used when up-mixing and down-mixing connections to any inputs to the node. (See AudioNode.channelCount for more information.) Its usage and precise definition depend on the value of AudioNodeOptions.channelCountMode.
channelCountMode Optional
Represents an enumerated value describing the way channels must be matched between the node's inputs and outputs. (See AudioNode.channelCountMode for more information including default values.)
channelInterpretation Optional
Represents an enumerated value describing the meaning of the channels. This interpretation will define how audio up-mixing and down-mixing will happen.
The possible values are "speakers" or "discrete". (See AudioNode.channelCountMode for more information including default values.)


Specification Status Comment
Web Audio API
The definition of 'AudioNodeOptions' in that specification.
Working Draft Initial definition.

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