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Themes are skins for different Mozilla applications. They allow you to change the look and feel of the user interface and personalize it to your tastes. A theme can simply change the colors of the UI or it can change every piece of its appearance.


Building a Theme
A tutorial for building a simple theme in Firefox.
Common Theme Issues and Their Solutions
Common issues seen when AMO editors review themes and how to fix them.
Lightweight themes
Building lightweight themes for Firefox
Creating a Skin for SeaMonkey 2
An introduction to creating new themes for SeaMonkey 2.
Making Sure Your Theme Works with RTL Locales
How to make sure your theme will look right with Hebrew, Arabic, Persian and Urdu locales.
Theme Packaging
How to package themes for Firefox and Thunderbird.
Yet Another Theme Tutorial
Another tutorial in Mozilla theme construction.
Obsolete docs
These docs are very old and will never be updated, but we've kept them in case the are useful source material for people updating the Theme documentation.

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