Extensions for Firefox for Android

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

我们即将放弃这篇文档中描述的 Firefox 附加组件技术。

请勿使用下列技术开发新的附加组件。请改用 WebExtension 代替。

如果您在维护使用下列技术的附加组件,请考虑将其迁移为使用 WebExtensions 技术。

使用下列技术开发的附加组件可能不适用于多进程 Firefox(e10s),它已在 Firefox Nightly 和 Firefox Developer Edition 中默认启用,并很快将遍及 Firefox 的公测版(Beta)和正式版。我们准备了制作多进程兼容的附加组件的文档,但迁移到 WebExtension 是更加着眼于未来的选择。

有关的 wiki 页面写有协助开发人员过渡到新技术的有关资源、迁移路径、办公时间等信息

下面的文章为想要开发Firefox for Android扩展的人提供了帮助.

In addition, please refer to the general extension documentation that applies to all Mozilla applications.


Developing, packaging and installing a simple add-on for Firefox for Android.
Initialization and Cleanup
How to initialize your add-on when it is started and clean up when it is shut down.
Creating a UI
A quick guide to using the NativeWindow API to create user interface components.
Interacting with the Browser
A quick guide to using the BrowserApp API to access browser tabs and the web content they host.
API Reference & Code Samples
Create native Android UI widgets.
Access browser tabs and the web content they host.
Code Snippets
Code samples for common tasks


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